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  1. Award Winning

  1. Mike has soloed over 400 student pilots. He is a

  2. FAA Certified Flight Instructor/Sport Pilot with over 25 years of flight experience. Mike is a native of Tecumseh, Michigan, but has resided in Dade County , Georgia for the last 18 years. His experience in

  3. welding, metallurgy, machine theory, and of course hang gliding, is what sparked his interest in producing the Sky Cycle.

  4. We are headquartered in Wildwood, GA. Flight training is conducted at Marion County Airport in

  5. Jasper, TN, just 20 miles west of Chattanooga.


  7. Mike also produces the "Skycycle". This soaring trike makes flying with the birds a reality!


  9. Mike will personally customize your perfect trike. We are the proud dealers of North Wing Gliders. These wings will make your Skycycle experience even better!


  1. Mike Theeke (pronounced "Tiki") is one of the foremost Trike pilots in the USA. Mike has flown over 1,000 hours in a hanglider and over 3,000 hours in an Ultralight Trike.

  2. "Triking is much more fun than hangliding," Mike exclaims. His passion for flying trikes is contagious!

  1. Tina Theeke

  2.   Tina Theeke is not only Mike's wife, she is also vice president and flight school coordinator here at Fly Hard Trikes. Tina is also an artist and musician. Mike and Tina were married in a 2 seat Aeros trike in 2005 and their wedding made local news! The flying couple work together to bring the freedom and dream of flight to all who yearn to experience it.