1. Our ultralight instruction takes place at the Marion County Airport.


  1. Introductory flights available by appointment. Each lesson has a minimum of 45 minutes actual air-time with up to 15 minutes of ground instruction.



  4. Here is a Short Video of a Training Flight

  1. Training cost, including Sport Pilot, is $115 per

  2. hour (subject to change with fuel prices, please inquire). Flight training is $100 per hour for those who

  3. purchase a new Sky Cycle.

  1. The average student takes approximately 20 hours to

  2. solo. We don't “teach the test”. We focus on getting to know our students individually. Mike works

  3. with each student at the student's pace. A student can expect a calm learning environment, patience,

  4. and respect from us each step of the way. Our mission is to have a safe, well informed, well taught, and

  5. happy soloed trike pilot in the end.