1. The SkyCycle is the perfect soaring trike.  Built with the highest grade materials, this trike is a dream to fly!

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Sky Cycle
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  1. Here is what’s new in 2017!

  2. The same safe and reliable as ever Sky Cycle can basically be painted to just about anything you can imagine. Here are two Sky Cycles we showed

  3. at Sun 'N Fun in April 2017. The always popular Sky Cycle Kawasaki 40 HP with a Dragon theme airbrush paint job wowed everyone, especially with its painted wing!

  4. The Sky Cycle Rotax 447, 40 HP with the Tiger theme handles so well and has all the power one needs. Not to mention how it turns heads with the bright colors and snarly grin!


2014 Best Trike, Factory Ultralight

2013 Best Commercial Ultralight at Sun 'N Fun

2012 Grand Champion

2011 Best Type Trike Ultralight

2010 Best Type Trike Ultralight and Best Commercial Ultralight

2009 Grand Champion and Best Commercial Ultralight

2008 Outstanding Weight Shift Ultralight

2007 Best Type Trike Ultralight

  1. List of Past Awards:

  1. Sky Cycle K440 “Osceola” wins GRAND CHAMPION  ULTRALIGHT 2016!

  1. Sky Cycle R447 “Cherokee” Wins


  1. 2015 Best Type Trike

  2. 2015 Reserve Grand Champion